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Red Wines

Launched at Harlech Expo 2015 and now available for order. The exciting new range include white, red, champagne and sparkling wine. You can place your wine order at the same time as your usual foodservice order saving you time.You will also be able to get it all conveniently delivered together with your usual order.

Rey Viejo Tinto NV
Tempranillo / Grenache

84270 Rey Viejo Tinto

Spanish Wine 12x75cl

Alto Bajo
Cabernet Sauvignon

41208 Alto Bajo Cabernet Sauvignon

Chile Wine 12x75cl

Wandering Bear

88844 Wandering Bear Merlot

USA Wine 12x75cl

Little Eden
Pinot Noir

89938 Little Eden Pinot Noir

Australian Wine 12x75cl

Kudu Plains

24885 Kudu Plains Pinotage

South Africa Wine 12x75cl

Nyala Cabarnet

71506 Nyala Cabarnet Sauvignon

South Africa Wine 12x75cl

Circa Shiraz

73033 Circa Shiraz Viognier

Australian Wine 12x75cl

Chateau Penin

81704 Chateau Penin Bordeaux

French Wine 6x75cl

Finca Valero
Tempranillo Garnacha

29689 Finca Valero Tempranillo Garnacha

Spanish Wine 12x75cl

San Abello

42521 San Abello Merlot

Chile Wine 12x75cl

Castillo Viento
Rioja Joven Tinto

24793 Castillo Viento Rioja Joven Tinto

Spanish Wine 6x75cl

Pinotage Red
Mini Bottle

69523 Pinotage Red Wine

South Africa Wine 24x187ml

The Paddock
Shiraz 2014

72112 The Paddock Shiraz 2014

Australian Wine 12x75cl

Villa Dei Fiori
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

40312 Villa Dei Fiori Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

Italian Wine 6x75cl


74099 Tilia Malbec

Argentina Wine 6x75cl


Chateau Lugagnac

	39645 Chateau Lugagnac Bordeaux

French Wine 6x75cl