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Rose / Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Launched at Harlech Expo 2015 and now available for order. The exciting new range include white, red, champagne and sparkling wine. You can place your wine order at the same time as your usual foodservice order saving you time.You will also be able to get it all conveniently delivered together with your usual order.

Zinfandel Rose

40104 Bulletin Zinfandel Rose

USA Wine 12x75cl


36566 Vaporetto Prosecco

Italy Wine 12x75cl

Charles Henry
Brut Rose

69655 Charles Henry Brut Rose

French Wine 6x75cl

Statua Pinot Grigio
Blush Sicilia

15565 Statua Pinot Grigio Blush Sicilia

Italy Wine 12x75cl

Baron de
Villeboerg Brut

66342 Baron de Villeboerg Brut

French Wine 6x75cl

Pinotage Rose
Mini Bottle

15739 Pinotage Rose

South Africa Wine 24x187ml

Baron de
Villeboerg Brut Rose

67325 Baron de Villeboerg Brut Rose

French Wine 6x75cl

Prosecco Tosti
Mini Bottle

85329 Prosecco Tosti

Italy Wine 24x20cl

Henry Brut

43425 Charles Henry Brut

French Wine 6x75cl