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Save Money

Welcome to our June edition of Save Money. It is fantastic to be out delivering to so many of our wonderful customers and it’s great to see how busy you all are having opened your doors once more. We have been busy making sure our availability remains strong whilst continuing to help you Save Money when you shop with us.

We’re back, and the quality and consistency of our Bwydlyn and Brongain offering has continued to improve, with all our steaks being under 36 months old ensuring consistency and tenderness. The Brongain range also offers full traceability with verified Welsh PGI status, guaranteeing excellent quality. In the market, we are seeing continued price increases across beef, lamb, and poultry. Much of this is caused by the impact of Brexit and subsequent shifts in demand from imported to British. We will endeavour to ensure we provide you with the best quality at the best price.
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